Are you outgrowing your home?

Why do we move?

Tuesday Nov 02nd, 2021


Confessions of a serial mover…. I’ve packed too much too many times in the past years

We down-size, up-size, and right-size.

We move for love, for work, for falling out of love.  We move to play, for desire for a simpler life.

In my case I’ve moved for family, adventure, and for falling in and out of love. I’ve moved about 10 times in my adult life.  Some shorter stays than others.

House too small?  Need more space to grow?

I’ve lived in an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, and a house.  I’ve lived in a bustling European metropolis, the laid-back western city of Calgary, and two leafy suburbs outside Toronto (Oakville and Mississauga).

Why do we move?

I’ve bought a house in order to have a parking space.  I’ve bought a garden that has a house attached, I’ve bought a condo apartment not to have to shovel snow (and be able to swim in the middle of winter) …. what are your many reasons for moving?

How about staying put?

My parents have lived in the same house since 1978.  That’s 42 years this year.  They’ve renovated that house so many times that it doesn’t even look remotely similar to the house purchased so so long ago.  The bathrooms have been renovated twice over!  They’ve talked of moving but can’t see themselves living anywhere else, so we’ve adapted the house to them, taking out the tub (yes, horrors, a house without a tub!) and installing a shower on the ground floor.  The house they love so much is now safer and easier for them to continue to live in for the future.

On average, in Canada, we move every 5-7 years

That’s wonderful news for Realtors, Stagers, and Decorators – oh, wait, that’s me!

I love being able to help people find that perfect place.  The one you’ve dreamed of.  The one that meets your needs but also fills that dream lifestyle.

For some it’s the double car garage with space for the summer “toy”.  For others it’s an underground parking space in a condo building where you never have to shovel snow and where you can lock up the suite and take off for adventures.

For others it’s a garden where they can connect to nature, getting dirt under their nails and watching birds and squirrels come to visit.

What’s your perfect home look like?

Sometimes perfect doesn’t happen.  Sometimes it’s more about practicality and location.  My parents bought the house they live in because of location.  It’s not the perfect house, although they have definitely put their own stamp on both the house and the garden (my mother is an avid gardener and her garden is an oasis in the summer) but it is the house they want to continue to live in – for all the right reasons, it’s location to shopping, schools, doctors, public transport, parks, and highways.

Oh wait, we are back to real estate – it’s all about location, location, location.

I’d love to help you find the perfect home (or location) – give me a call on 647 215-7407